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Dear visitor,

Due to the increased demand there are currently delays of 10-15 working days in the shipping!
We are working on expanding our capacities and ask for your patience if it takes a little longer.

Please refrain from inquiring about the status of the delivery time by phone or email.

Thank you for your understanding!


. Again a reason more for an order at NEWSTARTCENTER!
How do we ship? 
The products of our assortment are sent away by post office DHL.
With larger volumes and quantities we assign a forwarding business.  
Delivery time?
Their order is worked on after receipt naturally immediately by us.
The distribution of your order takes place to time within 10 to 15 working days.

Forwarding expenses within Germany
5,49 EUR each Paket!


Country of Purchase
Shippingcosts DHL
Australien 66,95 €
Bulgaria / Ungarn / Rumenia 20,00
13,00 €
Dänemark             Remote Areas + 42,00
Deutschland          < 50,- € Purchase order value free shipping
Deutschland          > 50,- € Purchase order value 5,49€
Finnland 20,00 €€(+42,00 RA*)
Frankreich Large parcels are not possible at the moment,
because import stop to and from France!
13,00 €
Griechenland 20,00 €
Grossbritanien 18,50 €€(+42,00 RA*)
Holland     from 60kg for every 30kg or part thereof + 5,00
Holland     from 30kg 10,00 €
Hong Kong 69,99 €
Irland 20,00 €
Island 49,00 €
Israel 49,00 €
Italien 18,50 €(+42,00 RA*)
Japan 69,99 €
Kanada 69,99 €
Luxemburg  from 60kg for every 30kg or part thereof + 5,00
Luxemburg  from 30kg  10,00 €
Monaco 13,00 €
Neu Seeland 69,99 €
Norwegen 20,00 €€(+42,00 RA*)
Österreich   from 60kg for every 30kg or part thereof + 5,00
Österreich    from 30kg
10,00  €
Polen 13,00  €
Portugal 20,00 €
Schweden 18,50 €€(+42,00 RA*)
Schweiz / Lichtenstein 13,00 €€(+42,00 RA*)
Slovenia   .
18,50 €
Spain mainland - no islands !!
18,50 €
Süd Afrika 69,99 €
Süd Korea 69,66 €
Tschechien 13,00 €
Türkei 49,00 €
Vereinigte Staaten 69,99 €

price * refers to a package of 30 kg

* (RA) = remote areas surcharge is calculated only after entry of the order and re-examination and presented separately in bill!

Alle unsere Versandarten:
Despite all care it can come with the Supply to damage in the case of transport.
In this case we refund naturally the damaged articles to you free of charge.
Please you consider however the following proceeding:
Transport damages are to be lodged a complaint immediately with entrance of the commodity with the supplier. They inform afterwards NEW STARTING CENTERS about determined transport damages. If you should want to send commodity back, inform us please before by E-Mail, fax or telephone.
We thank you for your understanding and your assistance.

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